Tuesday, April 3, 2012

NaPoWriMo - April 3rd

April is National Poetry Writing Month. In celebration of poets everywhere, and to encourage those who are just embarking on their literary journey, I will be posting poetry (not mine) each day for the month of April. Please take a look and enjoy this special art.

Poems by Michael Roach

21 years old 
Imprisoned at Albert C. Wagner Youth Correctional Facility, 
Cell 33 
Doing a 13 year with 85%, 3 years in, 8 more to go 


I'm not sure why my life is the way it is 
I'd like to know why I'm tortured like this 
Why can't my life be left alone when I get it the way I want? 
Why is it that when I get it almost perfect, it all gets shot down? 
I really can't ask too many questions since everything happens for a reason. 
Why can't my life just go as planned so I can just be happy and stay happy? 
Why can't I just live the dream life I fantasize? 
When you know something was meant to be, how and why does it not work out? 
Is it right timing or too late? 

It's these simple but unanswerable questions that make me feel the way I do right now, 
Although the reasons why I feel like this is completely understandable 
but it's the fact that besides 
where I am right now, behind these old iron bars away from the ones I love, 
I was so complete and happy, 
So happy I cried from love, so happy I was almost miserable. 
So we ask these simple questions of why this and why that? 
Well my opinion on answering these questions is this: 
Because life is the way it is, corrupted and shameful, fair but this is really hell from people who shouldn't be here. 
But really, things happen from what we do so we can only blame ourselves. 
So for me, the answers to my whys are: Shame on me, it's my fault and I did it to myself. 


I recently met a woman who blew my world away 
My eyes have no desire to look any farther 
Yet my heart has left me confused 
I now seem to have 4 loves in my life 
One being my first existing love 
The second being someone I haven't seen in 8 years 
The third being my high school sweetheart 
And then there's her 
Someone I have no idea how I could tell how I feel 
I talk to her as much as I can every chance I get 
Just so I can see her smile and roll her eyes at me 
I would've never found her if I didn't end up where I am 
But because of what I am and what she is 
I doubt that a relationship is even an option 
But I'll find out in time 
Whether in fate, destiny, or serendipity 
For now I'm waiting for the right moment 
To try to tell her how I feel 
Until then, she'll never know 
Este ella es mi corazone y amor 


I'm sitting here waiting to get back out 
Back to the world that I was all about 
I can't wait to get back to my life 
As well as the arms of my future wife 
I have to finish school and go back to work 
So I can have an education without a road with a fork 
I'll have the intelligence to do everything right 
And I'll always be there for everyone as their strong shiny knight 
I can't wait to get back to the family of mine 
But right now, I'm just Waiting On Time 
All I can do for now is live day by day 
I wish I had another option but it's the only way 
I know that I'll be out sometime soon 
But for now, if you want to see me, stare at the moon. 
Look at it to see me just like I do to see all of you 
Because I love and miss all of you so much too 
I have too much to take care of as it is 
And now that I'm in here, I wish my girl could give me one more kiss 
Hopefully people are on my side 
but for right now… 
I'm Just Waiting On Time


  1. Jenny, thanks for posting these. I will make sure the young man will see a print out of his work. You just gave him a great opportunity to show some of his poems to the world. Sincerely, Uta Burke