Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Moving Day!

I love this blog, the posts, the comments the pictures - but it's time to move forward. As I did on Facebook, I am transferring my blog posts over to a Jennifer Bogart - Author. When I first started this blog, I had one goal in mind. That was to send "Remember Newvember" out into the world, get it noticed and make millions.  At the time I wasn't thinking about the future, or where I would be two years later.

If blogger would allow it, I would change the title and URL of the blog, but it's not so simple. I can do what I want with the title, but the URL is stuck. Lucky for me, I managed to snag my name a while ago in preparation for this moment. So, I'll continue to work on writing fresh and inviting posts while keeping readers up to date on my progress, only it will be at Thanks to everyone for your support!

Monday, November 5, 2012

Why Indie Authors Rock - Blog Tour

Tamara's One Stop Indie Shop

I joined this tour on a whim, thinking it would be an easy post, a bit of publicity and a chance to support fellow writers. What I didn't realize was the amount of soul searching it would require to get the job done. To be honest, I had never planned to be an Indie Author.

Writing does not come easily to me. I stress over each word, each sentence, each paragraph and when I think I might have it perfect, I usually end up deleting and starting all over again. It's a painful process but in the end I have something created for me, by me that I am happy to share with the world. Being an Indie Author gives me the opportunity to maintain the integrity of my writing without having to succumb to publisher norms, market trends or writing styles that don't work for me.

To be honest, this wasn't the path I intended to take. Like every hopeful writer starting out, I created my opus and sent it out to agents and publishers thinking I had an immediate best seller on my hands. Of course, that wasn't true. Oh, it was good - but it wasn't what anyone was looking for. It didn't "fit" their piece of the marketing puzzle.

With a lot of encouragement, I blindly set out on my own, self published and put my heart and soul on display for the world to see. Not having a clue about publicity, or how to go about advertising with elegance, I joined Indie writing groups on social media networks, hooked up with other self-published authors, read everything I could find and am now starting to actually sell books outside of my small social circle in the world.

Indie Authors provide a unique brand of enthusiasm for their work. They are approachable, giving, helpful and work hard for all their achievements. Contrary to popular belief, they simply don't zip off a quick story and publish to Kindle. They take their time, pass their books through editors, beta readers and their own critical eye. They hire cover designers and attend courses for marketing, social media and promotion. It's hard work, but worth every moment when a reader says, "I loved your book. When is the next one coming out."

Even more rewarding is when someone says, "Wow, your writing has improved. The first book was good, but the second was simply amazing."

There are some really good authors out there, easily visible, mixing with traditionally published writers. Put them side by side and you can't tell the difference unless you go looking for the publisher.

Listed below are the other participants in the "Why Indies Rock Blog Tour". Writers, reviewers, bloggers - stop by and see what they have to say.

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November 2nd- Amber Garza 
November 3rd- Alli & Laura 
November 4th- Lori Parker 
November 5th- Jennifer Bogart 
November 6th- Coral Russel 
November 7th- Supagurl 
November 8th- Jo Michaels 
November 9th- Tammy-Louise Wilkins 
November 10th- Matt Gannon 
November 11th- Brianna Lee 
November 12th- Katie Shelby 
November 13th- L. Leander 
November 14th- Cynthia Hill 
November 15th- Mandy Anderson 
November 16th- Jamie Loeak 
November 17th- Amy Miles 
November 19th- Steph Brentson 
November 20th- Annie Walls 
November 21st- Becky Elizabeth Searson  
November 22nd- Ivana 
November 23rd- Jamie Cross
November 24th- Teresa Gabelman 
November 25th- Jennifer 
November 26th- Ren Reidy 
November 27th- Delphina Miyares 
November 28th- Nikki 
November 29th- L.a. Freed
November 30th- Patricia Lynne 
December 1st- Mary Smith 
December 2nd- Danielle Banister 
December 3rd- Janiera Eldridge
December 4th- Caddy Rowland 
December 5th- Shanora Williams 
December 6th- LM Preston
December 7th- Candy Ann Little 
December 8th- Jill Cooper 
December 9th- Martina 
December 10th- Shelly Pratt 
December 11th- Kelley Grealis 
December 12th- Michelle Hughes 
December 13th- Allison Medina 
December 14th- Angela 
December 15th- Jennifer Martinez 
December 16th- Brandi 
December 17th- Kristina Snyder 
December 18th- Jolene Perry 
December 19th- Stephanie Constante 
December 20th- Jessica Gibson