Thursday, April 12, 2012

NaPoWriMo - April 12th

April is National Poetry Writing Month. In celebration of poets everywhere, and to encourage those who are just embarking on their literary journey, I will be posting poetry (not mine) each day for the month of April. Please take a look and enjoy this special art.

David Southam 


I'm a 25-year-old psychology graduate and Benefits Officer from North East England. Most of my poetry was written during my teenage years, when life was turbulent and emotions were fierce. It seems that the contentment of my adult life is not as inspiring, when it comes to poetry, as the angst, sorrow, infatuation and heights of romantic love that punctuated my youth. I do still dabble with poetry occasionally though, mostly frivolous efforts. Most of my time is taken up with writing fiction these days - almost exclusively dark, expansive and out of this world.

I don't take my poetry very seriously. To me, it is an exercise in writing: a means rather than an end. But if a poem, a line or even just a word that I have written were to move you in some way, I would be very pleased.

Once Upon a Summertime

Swirling summer winds collide
Over sun swept fields of comfort,
Twirling fresh green leaves aside,
To dance to music in the air.

We walk upon the waving grass,
Soothed by rolling waves below,
And hear a song we used to know,
Once upon a summertime.

Laughing children pass us by,
With tubs of ice from Delaval,
As young girls surf and dragons fly
Over the sand and past the fair.

We pass the glory of the beach,
The ocean that the rivers flow to,
Back to a place we used to go to,
Once upon a summertime.

Slowly we climb up the stair,
My hand in yours,
Your hand in mine,
Wind flowing through your golden hair,
You enter in my heart
And I hold you there.

Your sweet perfume and morning dew,
Scent of passion,
Essence of love,
Your eyes have come to match the blue,
Mine dark, I know,
With wanting you.

Wanting now like a sun within,
Touch of your smile,
Fall of your hair,
Scent of sun cream in your skin,
Burning me deeply
As I pull you in.

Drawing you into that hungry fire,
Beside and above you
In a world of desire,
To greet your soft, sweet lips with mine,
To make us one,
In summertime.

Beautiful, Loving, Loved

Oh, love incarnate, love entire,
The light that set your soul afire.
Your sweet affection, doomed to fall,
Gone from you and gone from all.

The new sun rises in her eyes,
Her beauty mirrored by the sea.
The soft wind whispers in her voice,
“With patience, I shall wait for thee”.

Within a starlit memory, as vivid as the sky,
See that your love is destiny, and love will never die.
Allow your faith to make you whole,
Mend your heart and heal your soul,
For far across a peaceful sea, your love will wait eternally.

Love Works

Know that I long for the moments when your blushing breath meets my eager lips,
Like the coolest sigh of summer to a burnt and barren beach.

Know that I live for the briefest touch of your bare shoulders,
Delicate ivory shells that hold more delicious secrets than the softest, sweetest fruit.

Know that I love you for all that you are,
For every part and purpose,
For every mark upon your skin,
For every note your voice can carry.

Despite all that I have been and all that I have done, the life that I have led thus far seems nothing but a prelude to today,
A mess of scattered meanings,
A maze of preset consequence,
A forerunning pattern that has led me to you.

Calm need.

If I had a cup that could contain laughter, love and life, I would catch with it your every tear, and treasure forever it coming from you.

If I had a mirror that could keep a shape eternal, I would catch with it your brightest smile, to light the world beyond any other joy.

I thank the Earth, and the stars, and the light of the Sun for the softly burning presence that finds its home within my chest,
A presence that is love,
A presence that is you.

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