Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Writing Resolutions

Here is my first blog of 2012 and I wanted to come up with something fabulous, something that would really knock your socks off, and make you all want to come back for more. The pictures would be astounding, the words inspirational and the content unforgettable. The moment I sat down at the computer, the gears in my brain ground to a halt and anything worth writing slipped through the cracks in the floor boards, scattering like little grains of salt.

This isn’t a new phenomenon for me. I’ll think I have something worth sharing, but then when the time comes to jot it all down, the words just seem to evaporate. Still – I plough forward, moving onwards, knowing that I can’t have a stagnant blog, and perhaps, if I just keep hitting the keyboard, something salvageable might leave itself on my screen.

I flip though various pictures on my camera, thinking there must be something in the jumble of images to motivate me. After all, I did take them with the intention of sharing a few digital memories. There are so many, I can’t even imagine what possessed me to take them all. Before digital photography, I wouldn’t have bothered taking ten pictures of the same subject, hoping to get the lighting just right. Sometimes, I wonder if perhaps all these electronic devices might hinder us in our attempt to live life to the fullest. Sure, we have fabulous pictures to look at – but whoever is taking the photos is sitting on the fringe, looking in and not really participating in the moment.

My blog tends to be a snapshot of what I’m thinking at any given moment. And like my collection of pictures, I worry each entry will become a repeat of the previous, with only small tweaks, in an attempt to make it just a little bit better. I treat it with the same care as my all my writing, shaping each thought into a paragraph that gently leads into the next, luring the reader to continue to the end (at least, that’s my intention).

This year, my only resolution is to try hard not to repeat myself – no matter what I’m writing: a new novel, a newsletter article, entries for this blog or even Facebook or Twitter updates – I hope to be able to find something fresh and creative within me each and every time. After all, if anyone is taking a peek at my work, I owe it to them to provide quality entertainment, and I owe it to myself not to post substandard drivel.  

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