Monday, March 21, 2011

World Poetry Day

In honour of World Poetry Day – I am posting the rest of my amazing “lyrics” which can be found scattered throughout Remember Newvember.


Deceptions dance on rainbows;
Dark dreams lie in shadows of light –
You are part of my essence
Shifting the shades to balance the night.

Answers lurk in the questions;
Revealing truth and despair –
You are part of my essence
Creating illusions that lay my soul bare.

“In my gilded cage –
The world is at my feet:
Waiting for the door to open
So I can spread my wings.
In my gilded cage –
Just a breath away:
I can taste the freedom
But I just can’t find my way.”

"The past is part of your present feast
A lie, a feint, a fib, a cheat,
Stir it up well,
Heap on the deceit.
Now it might be hard to chew
But you cooked it up –
This Karma Stew.”

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